Our Chapter History

National Charity League (NCL), Inc. is the nation’s most distinctive, well-respected mother-daughter membership organization committed to community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences. NCL, Inc., San Diego Chapter was NCL, Inc.’s 18th chapter and the first chapter to charter in San Diego in 1971. We currently have nearly 300 mother-daughter members in grades 7 through 12 who perform more than 12,600 hours of hands-on volunteer service for 28 charities and non-profit organizations in the San Diego community each year. By some estimates this equates to over $290,000 of volunteer time. Through this work, NCL., Inc., San Diego Chapter develops socially responsible community leaders who have a positive impact on the communities in which they live.

NCL, Inc., San Diego Chapter is in Region 5, which is the Southern California region, and is composed of more than 49 chapters. We are in District 6, which has 16 chapters and covers the area of San Diego, Inland Empire and the Desert Cities. There are ten chapters in San Diego with one expansion chapter in development.